Twiddler 3 - TabSpace Customization

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Looking into a chorded-keyboard layout standard

TabSpace Guide by Brandon Craig Rhodes stands for the Twiddler standard layout dated 1999, this is a thorough description of a complementary survey.
…and here are some useful links

Supported chords are stored using an ORML encoding1 the user can customize with TekGear's Twiddler 3 Tuner2 online application. It works with 4x4 chords sets3 that we can brake down into four more convenient 3x3 chords sets4.

Making rules involves sketching out some mapping technique by following a Rulling road map1. spelling out our objectives and how we are going to get there. Gathering facts should bring enough material to craft an initial set of Work rules2 for a first layout build.

Some rules reflecting our mapping strategy will take advantage of a graphical representation based on Fingers agility1, Rows2, Columns3, Pads4 and some other kind of Clusters5 .

Applying rules while assembling functionally related groups like Numbers and Operators1 or Trade signs2 and visually related ones like Signs3, Quote & Punctuation4 should give us the best possible mnemonics-friendly layout, provided good enough rules have been crafted along the way.

Multi Character Chords (MCC) goes one step beyond simple one–to–one chord–to–character mappings, If TabSpace MCC1 defines a number of static bindings, we can look for more MCC by working on ngrams2 based on recent studies and a further step to handle dynamic hotstrings3 (aka word expansion) could use something like AutoHotkey.

Some interactive tools
Cheat Sheets should make enough sense to account for the usefulness of this study.
MCC animation shows button sequences for each INDEX modifier
Ngrams browser shows how our MCCs manage with english letter usage frequencies
Test input-field may be used to check out your current chords
TwiddlerCfgConverter configuration converter by Marko Marjamaa

And, of course, contributions are welcome…
Just don't mind the mess you may find here sometimes as I'm still on it and may have to stop working when it's time to eat or something … some corrections are always on their way.
Starting from TabSpace
Supported chords
Making rules
Some rules
Applying rules
Multi Character Chords (MCC)
Cheat Sheets
MCC animation
Ngrams browser
Test input-field
Some useful links
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